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Centrifugal Water Pump

A centrifugal water pump is mostly used for irrigation purposes.

The main characteristic of a centrifugal water pump is that it pumps high volume with low pressure.

They have the highest electrical consumption at their high flow point. Therefore should not be used to work for long periods of time at or near the maximum flow point of pump.

The size of a centrifugal water pump used for irrigation on a residential property, needs to be properly sized.

One needs to consider the amount of sprinkler heads needed to cover area irrigated.

Consider the distance from water supply to the outlet point, along with the pipe size needed or currently used. Pipe size and length will affect the friction loss, therefore needs to be considered.

If the pump is pumping up hill then a non-return valve needs to be used.

Hill gradient/height needs to be taken into consideration.

Centrifugal pumps need to operate in clean water with temperatures not exceeding max of 50’c.

Although these pumps are ideal in industrial and domestic applications, they are not general utility pumps and are not submersible pumps.

They need to be kept dry and above a flood line.

Wet end of the pump cannot run dry as this will damage bearings, impellers and seals

A pressure gauge should be placed on the outlet pipe.

Flow switches or control switches must be used in conjunction with pump operation.

Centrifugal pumps should be installed be an electrician.

Centrifugal Water Pump
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Centrifugal Water Pump
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Centrifugal Water Pump
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